When it comes to the RCAF, membership has its privileges.

Reserved parking will be available for RCAF members who are also season ticket holders when Ragin' Cajuns baseball opens the 2018 season.

The University announced Monday the following parking areas for donors:

Those who donate at the $20,000 level and above, as well as suite holders in the new stadium, will park in the Founders area near Cajun Field.  That is the "A" lot during football season.  In addition, those donors will also get a pass to Baseball's A lot, which is where the TG1 area is during football season.

Those who donate at the $10,000-$19.999 level, as well as patio box and loge box seats, will receive a space in the baseball A lot and a pass in the baseball B lot.  The B lot is the B/C parking area for football.

One A lot pass will be given to those who donate at the $5,000-$9.999 level and those who donate between $250 and $4,999 get one pass in the "B" lot.

Fans interested in RV Parking spaces should contact Danika Arenibas (danika@louisiana.edu) for more information.

The home season begins February 23 against Wright State.



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