Cajun Navy Relief is letting community members now they will be having a training day coming up in April.

The purpose of the training is to work with software the group plans to use during upcoming emergencies, but not have to do it in the middle of any kind of disaster

Cajun Navy Relief Chairman of the Board Shawn Boudreaux says,

"Disaster situations often force us to try and train rescue teams and dispatchers ini a very hurried manner, with lives on the line. With hurricane season rapidly approaching, we decided to hold a competition style training in the Atchafalaya Basin to work with rescue teams on the GPS software, create real life scenarios, where they must find flags, representating persons needing rescue, then return them back to base camp. We will simulate how many people can be rescued in one run and the boats must work with their dispatcher to be efficient and safe. Seconds matter when disaster strikes and we want to be as ready as possible to do our part."

We had a chance to catch up with Amy Jones with the program on Acadiana's Morning News, and she says going to the website is the easiest way to sign up for the event April 7.

Hear the full interview with Amy Jones by clicking here.


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