A US cage fighter named Jarrod Wyatt ripped out the still beating heart of his training partner Taylor Powell because he was convinced that he was possessed by the devil! It gets worse...if you want to continue reading after the jump keep in mind that this story is graphic. 

Wyatt allegedly drank some tea that was spiked with hallucinogens. He then became convinced that his training partner was possessed by the devil, and proceeded to slice open his chest and rip out his still beating heart. Powell was alive at this point. Here's where it gets worse according to the Daily Mail:

Jarrod Wyatt also cut out Taylor Powell's tongue and ripped off most of his face in a brutal assault that police said looked like a scene from a horror film, officers said.

They claim they found the 26-year-old standing naked over his friend's body with parts, including an eyeball, strewn around the blood splattered room in Klamath, California.

Wyatt told the police he thrown the heart into a fire along with other organs that he had removed from the body, it was claimed.

He allegedly told investigators he cooked the body parts because he was fearful Powell was still alive and he ‘needed to stop the Devil’.

Police had been called to the grisly scene after a third friend had witnessed a sudden mood change in Wyatt after they had all ingested wild mushroom tea.

Justin Davis told police he returned to the flat to find Wyatt naked and covered from head to toe in blood.

He noticed an eyeball lying in the middle of the floor and saw Powell's mutilated body.

To read the rest of this grizzly story check out the Daily Mail.

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