Wings. Beer. Jokes?

Buffalo Wild Wings mocked the Saints continued misfortune with the referees after their loss against the Los Angeles Rams on Sunday. A tweet sent out by the official Buffalo Wild Wings Twitter account referenced a fan's lawsuit against the NFL after the infamous 'NOLA no-call' in last year's Saints-Rams NFC Championship game.

Saints fans weren't too receptive of the "joke" by the B-dubs social media team, especially after losing their franchise quarterback to a hand injury in the first quarter. While the blunder by the referees (again) was noteworthy, given the initial diagnosis on Brees' thumb, most Saints fans simply weren't in the mood for jokes.

For what it's worth, this type of tweet is totally on-brand for BWW as their Twitter account normally tends to "poke fun" at fans. Unfortunately, Saints fans were rubbed the wrong way and didn't hold back on letting the chain know.

The guys at the locally-owned wing spot, Kitchen On Klinton, took the opportunity to make a "joke" of their own for Saints fans in the Acadiana area.

Buffalo Wild Wings has locations throughout the U.S. and in all honesty, I can't see this "dooming" their existence in Louisiana or Mississippi. Plus, let's be fair (and I can only speak for myself here) if they were rattling off "28-3" jokes about the Atlanta Falcons we would be retweeting it with a slew of crying laughter emojis.

To prove my point, I present Exhibit A(TL).

At the end of the day, the tweet was sent out just as the refs screwed us on the botched call. And again—to be fair, even Buffalo Wild Wings had no idea that the outcome of the game coupled with the severity of the Drew Brees injury would have Saints fans so salty.

Let's breathe and get ready for Teddy.

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