Zay Jones caused a glitch in the matrix!

Midway through the second quarter of the Bills-Chiefs game, wide receiver Zay Jones missed a pass, sliding on his stomach. Then, he magically levitates back to his feet!

The more you watch it happen, the more confused your brain becomes.

The first thing I thought was, "Oh, that's just played in reverse. How are they trying to make a story out of this?" So, I started to watch his surroundings. They don't go in reverse. Rule the reverse video out.

Was this real life, or was it a glitch in Madden? How is this real?

Some experts relate it to Jones' core-strength. After watching this more times that I can count, even that doesn't seem plausible.

The way that he stops himself sliding forward, pushes up with his arms to one knee, and then seemingly stands using only his core and his toes to pull himself up?

No matter what the real reasoning is, this is absolutely amazing.

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