Buc-ee's is no longer just a Texas icon. The beloved convenience store chain is now in Alabama.

On Monday, the first location of Buc-ee's outside the state of Texas was opened in the metropolis of Loxley, Alabama. (You know, the town you pass on the way to Gulf Shores?!)

The new Alabama store opened its doors to plenty of fanfare on Monday. It boasts 52,235 square feet, 124 fueling positions, and "the biggest, most pristine bathrooms the state of Alabama has ever seen."

Inside the Alabama Buc-ee's, visitors can find a host of items branded with the company's cartoon buck-toothed beaver logo: beef jerky, fudge, candy, and canned foods.

But there will be some merchandise unique to the Alabama Gulf Coast: Mardi Gras themed t-shirts and wares, crawfish boil items, and beach umbrellas.

Happy shopping everyone!

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