A waitress at a restaurant in Broussard posted a photo that will probably make your blood boil.

Maci Kidder works at Trapp's Cajun Seafood and Boil House in Broussard, and she took to Facebook to express her disgust at what happened earlier this week.

It appears that one of her tables left a dirty diaper on the table.


Not just a "wet" diaper. A DIRTY DIAPER.

On a public dining table.

Now that we've established what kind of person Maci was dealing with the other night, it probably won't surprise you to know that they stiffed her on the tip, too.

Let's hear what happened from Maci herself:

The photo above is what Maci took that night at her table. Clearly visible in the can she used to collect the trash from the table is the "poopy" diaper.

You can also see the $0 tip that was left.

via Facebook
via Facebook

Did the patrons, maybe, leave a cash tip? I thought that at first, and then I noticed that they circled the "4% non-cash charge" line on the receipt.

As some people pointed out in the comments, the reason they circled that line about the surcharge for use of a credit card is that they don't think they should have to pay it. Also, they probably circled it as a way of saying "there's your tip".

News flash: your waitstaff has NOTHING to do with that credit card charge.

via Facebook
via Facebook

Maci's comment that accompanied the photo gives us a great reminder of how hard waitstaff works to keep us happy.

Just a PSA for tonight, your waitress is NOT your servant. While you’re enjoying your hot meal, we are running around trying to give you the best service possible while tending to other tables at the same time. We are missing dinner with our families at home, so that you can enjoy it with yours.

According to Maci's profile on social media, waiting tables isn't her only job: she is also a cosmetologist.

If your next question is "Why is she waiting tables if she is a cosmetologist?", you MUST be living under a rock, right?

via Facebook
via Facebook

The cost of almost EVERYTHING is up right now, and wages have been fairly stagnant for several years. It is nearly impossible to make it in today's world on a single salary, so people are hustling to make it where they can. Also, I am sure that hair-cutting school isn't cheap.

Maci continues:

When my last table left tonight (after the restaurant was closed), I walked up to clean the table and found this… two zero dollar tips and A POOPY DIAPER on the table. It’s not about the money, I understand not everyone can afford to tip well. It’s about the lack of human decency to leave a dirty diaper for your server to clean. So please, please next time you go out to eat, don’t treat your server this way! Kindness goes a long way :)))

I think that Maci was being nice when she said "it's not about the money". Maci, it IS about the money.

If people don't like to tip, they need to stick to restaurants where tipping isn't necessary. Fast food restaurants and convenience stores come to mind. But when you go out to a sit-down meal, tipping is just part of the deal.

Do I like tipping? Not especially, but that's a subject for a different discussion.

Do I like going out to eat? Definitely. Do I tip when I go out to eat? Normally 15% - 20%.

And if ever I get bad service, what do I do? I think back to the last time I had a bad day and everything went wrong at work and remember the people who told me "It's okay, tomorrow is a new day".

via Facebook
via Facebook

If you are the diner(s) who stiffed Maci on her tip, here's your opportunity to come clean about what happened. Was the service so bad that she didn't deserve a tip? Like, a "nothing" tip? As in zero? That has to be pretty bad service, or she told you your baby was ugly or something. Come on, zero?

If she DID give you decent service and you still stiffed her on the tip, I hope you get a paper cut right before you sanitize your hands.

Oh, wait: I saw the diaper. I doubt you sanitize ANYTHING.

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