This got ugly.

Watch as two large families brawl it out while others look on at Disney World.

According to various reports, one family member attempted to get back into a line with other family members, and that's when another family in line had something to say.

Later, the family of the young lady who got back into line waited for the other family who called her out and that is when the all-out brawl ensued.

The fight between the two families lasted several minutes until park personnel and deputies arrived on the scene.

Daily Mail reports that one man was sent to the hospital with a facial laceration and others walked away from the fight with several bruises.

Three people were arrested after this altercation.

Sadly, many who were there for fun and vacation had to witness this type of behavior, and here's how it all went down.

As you may expect, many on social media were vocal after this altercation surfaced on social media platforms.


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