A popular Youngsville eatery has announced they are suddenly closing their restaurant doors for good.

Bourrée has served Youngsville and the greater Acadiana with their delicious food since 2019, but on Tuesday night (Nov. 29), the restaurant made a shocking announcement via their official Facebook page that they would be closing down for good.

The closure came as a surprise to many as Bourrée has been business as usual as of late, most recently promoting some of their Thanksgiving offerings for families looking for a premade holiday meal.

Back in March, Bourrée reopened after a fire in February of 2021 closed down the restaurant for over a year. According to a report from KTDY, "insurance issues, construction delays, labor shortages, and issues surrounding the pandemic and natural disasters" their rebuild took a lot longer than anticipated.

Many of their regular customers were baffled at their sudden closing, with some describing the parking lot as "packed" during their usual 8a-2p business hours.

We've reached out to the team at Bourrée and will update this story as more information is made available.

Story developing...

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