A Canadian based bottled water producer has announced a recall of some of its products. Those products might be in the refrigerators or pantries of people in South Louisiana.

According to a report from CNN, Niagra Bottling LLC issued the recall after being informed by one of their suppliers of the presence of E.Coli bacteria at the source. The company says so far no consumers have reported any illness. The steps were being taken out of what the company calls an abundance of caution.

The product in question was processed at the Niagra facilities in Hamburg and Allentown Pennsylvania between 3am on June 10th and 8pm on June 18th. These products were sold under the following brand names:

Acadia, Acme, Big Y, Best Yet,  7-11,  Niagara,  Nature’s Place,  Pricerite,  Superchill, Morning Fresh,  Shaw's,  Shoprite,  Western Beef Blue  and  Wegman’s.

Here is how you can check to see if your bottled water is in the recall group.

The company suggests that you check the production code on bottles of water that you might have in your possession. The bottles from the affected plants will have a code that starts with either an "A" for the Allentown facility or an "F" for the Hamburg facility.

The numbers that appear after the beginning letter are to interpreted this way. The first number appearing after the letter is the production line number. Then the following two numbers represent the day. Then next item indicated is the month represented in letters, in this case "jun". Then the next two letters indicate the year, in this case that would be 15. The final four letters represent the time based on a 24 hour clock.

The company does suggest that you check your product and if you find affected product you may simply pour the product out or boil the product for at least one minute and then allow it to cool before using.

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