Normally we don't pay too much attention to the commercials during the Super Bowl -- the game's the important thing! But the news that U2 will debut a new song for charity during the game peaked our interest. On the eve of the kickoff, Bono talked a little bit more about 'Invisible.'

He told USA Today that the purpose of the ad is "to tell Americans how extraordinary they've been in the fight against AIDS." His charity, (RED), estimates that 7 million lives worldwide have been saved due to contributions from Americans. "I'm not sure that American taxpayers know that, and it's worth for a moment noting how heroic the struggle has been. The seven million, they know, and they're very grateful. All over the continent of Africa, if you poll people, you'll find respect for the (U.S.) very high."

'Invisible' will be available on iTunes immediately following the airing of the commercial at 6:00PM Eastern on Sunday, Feb. 2, and remain online for only 18 hours. You can grab it right here if that time hasn't expired yet. (RED) has enlisted Bank of America to contribute one dollar for each download, up to $2 million, to the Global Fund.

"We're taking all the energy around the Super Bowl and interest in what U2's doing and flipping it into the fight against HIV AIDS," Bono added.

However, Bono says that 'Invisible' will not be the official debut single from U2's upcoming new record, which they are hoping to have out by the summer. "We have another song we're excited about to kick off the album," he said. "This is just sort of a sneak preview — to remind people we exist."

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