After a group of friends seemingly rented out a boat for some fun on the water, the fun suddenly came to a stop when the boat captain reprimanded his guests for their behavior. The group was popping a bottle of champagne and spraying it when the the captain shut off the music and scolded them.

"You gotta act like you f***ing been here before".


That was one boat owners reaction when his group of guests began spraying champagne all over his thousand-dollar seat cushions.

You see, the party seemed to be going great. Drinks were flowing, the music was blasting...


Until the music was shut off and the owner of the boat said exactly what was on his mind.

Boat Owner Pops-Off on Guests Who were Popping Bottles

See the video for yourself via @Little_Mizz_Jai on Twitter below.

Quickly, the internet began to react to the video. There were many varying opinions on the incident which you can check out below.

While many defended the boat owner's reaction, some defended the guests.

What do you think? Should the boat owner have been more understanding? Should the guests have been as caught off guard as they were? Let us know in the comment.

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