According to reports, an underwater gas leak is what caused an "eye of fire" to erupt out of the Gulf of Mexico and the videos of the blaze have spread rapidly on social media.

Twitter via @MLopezSanMartin

A report out of Mexico City says that the blazing cauldron of Gulf waters has been extinguished, according to oil company 'Pemex'. A leaking underwater pipeline was to blame for the fiery scene that went viral online.

Twitter via @MLopezSanMartin

It took multiple boats more than fire hours to completely put out the blaze according to the report. As insane as the situation looks in the videos, no injuries are currently being reported.

Twitter via @MLopezSanMartin

The report notes that the head of Mexico's oil safety regulator, Angel Carrizaless, wrote on social media that the incident "did not generate any spill". This reported statement has left many on social media confused as to what Carrizaless believes caused the blazing fire on the surface of the Gulf of Mexico.

Video of Eye of Fire in Gulf of Mexico

See one of two videos of the "eye of fire" that have come out via Twitter from @MLopezSanMartin below.

The intense fire underneath the Gulf's surface look as thought it could be a portal straight to the underworld. A very scary sight, to say the least.

Note how close the blaze was to the platform.

Twitter via @MLopezSanMartin

See the second video from the blaze posted to Twitter by @MLopezSanMartin here.

This has to be one of the most terrifying, yet at the same time mesmerizing, videos I have seen go viral maybe ever.

Twitter via @MLopezSanMartin

The oil company responsible for the fire has not spoken on details of the incident, as reported by

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