Haunted Houses are awesome! But is there a line that can be crossed? For instance, there's the Blackout Haunted House that goes on in both New York and Los Angeles that makes you walk through ALONE wearing a protective mask and holding a flashlight. In the haunted house you witness many things including, but certainly not limited to, violent and sexual situations. What happens if you can't make it through? Keep reading to find out about that, and more info on the Blackout Haunted House.

Here are the rules from blackouthh.com:

  2. You must be over 18.
  3. Stay on the marked path at all times.
  4. You will be prompted to do certain actions. Please do exactly as you’re told. This is for your safety.
  5. There is absolutely no speaking allowed inside. You can, however, scream as loud as you’d like.
  6. Do not ever touch the actors.
  7. Do not ever touch the walls.
  8. You must wear a protective mask and carry a flashlight at all times. (We will provide both of these items for you. Please do not bring your own.)

If you have an emergency while walking through the house and need to be escorted out, please yell the word “SAFETY” as loud as you can. Stay where you are, remain calm, and someone will come to get you and bring you out. Once you call “SAFETY”, there are no refunds and there are no options but to leave.

Please be aware, you will encounter:


Sounds pretty  crazy! Is there a line that gets stepped across pertaining to haunted houses, or should anything go?

Here's the video promo for this years Blackout Haunted House

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