Could a reunion of the of the original lineup of the Smashing Pumpkins be in the works? In a new video update, Billy Corgan hinted at goings-on within the group, although he didn't say much more than that.

In a clip called "An Update on New Music and My (Other) Day Job From WPC," Corgan closed (see below) by saying, "There's some big stuff happening, so we're making plans. So I can't give that away, but it's gonna be interesting."

Before he got to that, though, Corgan plugged his involvement with Impact Wrestling, a television show he produces for Total Nonstop Action, and then spoke about two other musical projects. The first is a new solo album on the way, for which full details will be forthcoming. "It's actually recorded and sort of, mostly done. So, I don't know when that'll be coming out, but I recorded the album over two weeks in California -- all new songs -- so that's pretty exciting."

With that completed, Corgan is now going on to a new band with guitarist Jeff Schroeder and several people with whom he's worked in the past, calling out bassist Jack Bates and multi-instrumentalists Katie Cole, Sierra Swan and Linda Strawberry by name. "I think I know what the name of the band is going to be," Corgan said, "but ... I don't want to say for sure yet. ... We're gonna start working next week on new music for the new band ... Much different from Pumpkins music."

The fact that Corgan spoke about the project with Schroeder, who's been in the Smashing Pumpkins since 2007, and the others, three of whom are part of their current touring lineup, as being separate from the Pumpkins, raises an eyebrow as to the possibility of guitarist James Iha and bassist D'arcy Wretzky returning to the fold. Back in March, Iha sat in on a handful songs in Los Angeles, and a month later, Wretzky said she had been asked to come back four times since being fired in 1999, and would "consider going back." Drummer Jimmy Chamberlain is currently in his fourth stint with the band.

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