While the rest of of the world has embraced Black Sabbath's latest album, '13' with open arms, one person who can't bare to listen to the disc is the band's estranged drummer Bill Ward.

While the album was originally set to feature all four founding members of the group, including Ward, a contract dispute and other factors led to Ward parting ways with Sabbath in February of 2012. The band went on to tour with drummer Tommy Clufetos and record '13' with Rage Against the Machine stickman Brad Wilk. The disc was released in June of this year and went straight to No. 1 on the Billboard 200 album tally in addition to topping various charts throughout the world.

In a new interview, Ward reveals that he cannot stomach listening to the disc and has only heard a brief snippet of the first single 'God Is Dead?' "The only thing I’ve heard from 13 is maybe 40 seconds of the first song, and then I turned it off," Ward tells RockCeller Magazine. "I haven’t heard anything off that album at all."

He continues, "I mean, I wish them all the luck — well, not luck, they don’t need luck — but I wish them all the best in the world. But for me, I can’t listen to it, it’s too close to home, you know. Like I said, I listened to the first 40 seconds of 'God is Dead?' and I just said I can’t listen to this anymore."

In the interview, Ward also discusses his current art project as well as some Black Sabbath history. See the full Q&A at RockCellar Magazine.

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