Everything is better in Jersey. Need proof? The dirty Jerz is home to the world’s largest statue of a tooth and the most diners in the world. Just when the state couldn’t possibly get any better, along comes Jeff Wulkan of Long Branch. This entrepreneur took to the infamous Jersey Shore and opened up Bikini Barbers in 2011.

Wulkan seems like a smart guy to begin with; he studied aeronautical science in college, so we already know there had to be some genius juice behind his new salon venture. In what sounds like a not-so-casual attempt to be surrounded by boobs and bikinis all day, the 29-year-old established two strict rules from the get-go-- all members of staff had to be certified to cut hair, and each had to look smoking hot in a bikini. Sounds like a solid business model.

Check out some staff photos from their website.


The so-called "Hugh Hefner of hair" has even landed a reality series on AXS TV called ‘Bikini Barbershop: Jersey,' where staff members can be seen going to strip clubs and taking part in some light girl-on-girl action.

While most customers of Bikini Barbers are men, there are those occasional women and small children who get haircuts with a side of cleavage. Wulkan even says "the kids get a kick out of the fish tank." Yeah, they get to watch fish while dad thinks about bearded clam beard and head shaves.

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