So maybe we didn't win our share of the $1.6-billion record-breaking Powerball jackpot, but there are still more than 25 tickets in the various Louisiana lottery games that are worth at least $5,000. There's even one ticket worth a cool million sold southeast of Houma, and it expires on February 1st!

I can't even imagine being one number shy of winning the jackpot, but I would certainly only be sad for a moment when I realized I had won $1-million.

The question that I ask when I look at the page of tickets that will expire in the relatively near future is, "Why haven't these folks claimed their money?" The person who has the ticket has 180 days to claim their prize. That's a whole half a year. Did they accidentally throw it away? Did they forget they bought it?

Were you in any of these locations during these times and buy a ticket? Ladies, check your purses if you were. Gentlemen, look under the seats of your car. You could be a lottery winner and not even know it!

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