Better Than Ezra lead singer Kevin Griffin confirmed to Alternative Addiction this week that the band will enter the studio this fall to record a new album they plan to release in 2012.  The album is a follow up to the band's 2009 release Paper Empire.

In an interview with Alternative Addiction in December, Griffin said rather than co-writing songs with other artists for the new album like he did on Paper Empire, he’s decided to write all the songs for the new album by himself.

“There were only two songs on Paper Empire that I wrote by myself, “The Loveless” and “I Just Knew,” and a lot of people not knowing, said [one of those two] were their favorite song,” explained Griffin.  “So I kind of thought, ‘Hmm, Better Than Ezra has done pretty well over time, and I wrote a lot of songs [by myself] before collaborating a lot [on this past record,] maybe there is something to that.’”

Griffin also hinted last year that the band is close to signing a deal with another label, making the upcoming release the band’s first on a major label for the band since 1998’s How Does Your Garden Grow, which was released on Elektra Records, although no announcement has been made.

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