Mario C., collaborator, producer and friend of the Beastie Boys, says that despite the untimely death of Adam “MCA” Yauch last month, we still may hear new Beasties songs in the future. He explains that there is still plenty of unreleased music on the way from the recent Rock and Roll Hall of Fame inductees.

Even though he is a musician, producer, engineer and mixer who’s worked with several band’s including Zack de la Rocha‘s One Day as a Lion, you probably know Mario Caldato Jr. best for his penchant to “keep it clean,” as evidence in the lyrics for the Beastie Boys 1998 hit ‘Intergalactic.’ Mario C., as he’s more widely known, served as a producer on four of the most celebrated Beasties’ albums — ‘Paul’s Boutique,’ ‘Check Your Head,’ ‘Ill Communication’ and ‘Hello Nasty.’

Having that kind of long term relationship with the band, Mario is privy to a lot of inside info that even the most hardcore Beastie fanatic does not have. In the new issue of NME, the Beastie Boys’ right-hand man revealed that fans still have a lot of material to look forward to. “There’s a handful of extra stuff from each record apart from ‘Paul’s Boutique,’” says Caldato. “I actually went through it all recently and checked out a few things that weren’t used for ‘Hello Nasty’ and there’s definitely two or three tracks that didn’t get utilized that could be utilized.”

New-old songs aren’t the only goodies in store for fans, Mario confirmed that the band recorded shortly before Yauch’s passing. “The guys told me that he wanted to record. So they hung out and did what they used to do – just lay it down and have fun.” The producer also revealed that there were no immediate plans to rush the release of any of the material in question. “We’ll take it slowly. No-one’s thinking of doing anything right away. It’s too soon.”

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