It's been a crazy off season in the world of Football. Not only do I have no clue who plays for what team anymore, but there were a few new rules thrown into the mix as well. There's a new kickoff rule in place, and the Chicago Bears don't like it all that much. Thenew rule moves the ball up from the 30-yard line and should cause more touchbacks and fewer exciting returns, was implemented by the league's Competition Committee at the owners meetings in March as a move to improve player safety.

In their Saturday preseason opener against the Buffalo Bills at Chicago's Soldier Field, the Bears refused to accept the new rule, and instead lined their first two kickoffs up at their 30 instead of the 35. Apparently no one caught it the first 2 times the Bears did it, and Vice President of Officiating Carl Johnson was not happy. However, no fines have been levied against the Bears at this point.

It's understandable why the Bears are ticked off about the new rule. Last season the Bears ranked first in average starting drive position — their average drive began just after their own 33-yard line.

What do you think about the new kickoff rule? Good idea? Bad idea? Not going to matter?