Former U.S. President Barack Obama returned to the White House for the first time since the inauguration of President Trump and he came out swinging.

For those who may not recall, while President Obama was the leader of the free world, it was Biden who served as his vice president.

Fast forward several years and now it is President Biden leading the way in the White House.

Former President Obama Joins President Biden At White House To Mark Passage Of The Affordable Care Act
Getty Images

So, when President Obama arrived this week in Washington to discuss the Affordable Cares Act, he referenced President Biden as "Vice President Biden" and the internet was buzzing.

Obama said it was a joke, but as you may expect, some are questioning what the former U.S. President had to say about his close friend and former colleague.

All in the room seemed to get a nice laugh from it, including President Biden who seemed to salute his former boss.

If you missed it, check out the "joke" below.

The jokes continued as Biden would later introduce himself as Obama's "Vice President." Check this out.

Another video has surfaced from the White House and by the looks of it, many there were excited to see the former President, while the current President of the U.S. looked on.


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