A few days ago, we reported that a fan was charged with assault after diving off a balcony into the crowd at a show headlined by Bring Me the Horizon, a band he did not even go there to see. Three fans were reportedly injured due to the impact of the man's balcony jump, but after spending a week in jail, the jumper has shown no remorse for injuring the concertgoers as evidenced in multiple Facebook posts.

Alex McCormick, 23, attended the Bring Me the Horizon show solely to check out post-hardcore opening act letlive. Despite allegedly injuring three fellow concertgoers, McCormick doesn't regret the jump, adding that the day is one he'll remember for the rest of his life.

On his personal Facebook page, McCormick posted the following controversial statement:

Not that being in jail is cool or anything but its definitely hilarious, to me, to see how people twist things. Its a hardcore/punk culture atmosphere. If you didnt come to the show to get wild and have a good time then why would you even show up? Stay home, n--ga. People are moshing;punching each other in the face, kicking each other. People crowd surfing on people i.e. Far more wreckless behavior than my incident; "i jump. You catch me". Lol cant believe I spent a week in jail for this bogusness considering the "victims" were released from the hospital with no injuries according to a DT. Pff what ever dude. I gotta mic handed to me and got to help close out a set to one of my favorite bands (letlive) i got to jump off a 20ft balcony and be caught by numerous, eager, fellow funtime havers. I dont regret it. Ill remember that day for as long as i live. Welcome to genuine hardcore and punk culture, colorado! #508

After McCormick's statement was picked up by Lambgoat, he spoke out again:

How to get slandered, taken out of context and harassed: Go to see letlive. have more fun then most people just standing around, not reacting to the band they came to see. lol.

McCormick was attacked by many in the comments section of Lambgoat's article, one reason being McCormick's use of the word "n--ga" as a caucasian man. "Also funny that they're trying to get on me about using the word "n--ga" freely," McCormick writes in the comments section of his Facebook page. "N--GA...I grew up in fall river. I have plenty of black, latino, etc, homies that know I'm not a f---ing racists haha s--ts silly, man."

Alex McCormick is due back in court today (Feb. 24).

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