According to reports, French authorities are in search of the woman responsible for what some cycling enthusiasts are calling, "the worst Tour de France crash" they have ever seen after she stuck a sign out into the oncoming bicyclists.

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The few bicyclists left at the front of the pack got to glance back once at the large group of fellow competitors that fell victim to a woman holding up a cardboard sign during the 2021 Tour de France race. Now, authorities in France are in search of the female fan who left the scene before they could arrive.

See the report from ABC News via Facebook below.

According to the above report, one cyclist was hospitalized with a broken wrist and forced withdraw from the race after falling amongst the pileup created by the woman holding the sign.

One report added that a total of three cyclists withdrew from the race following the crash. They included a quote from the deputy director of the race who said, "We are suing this woman who behaved so badly. We are doing this so that the tiny minority of people who do this don't spoil the show for everyone".

Tour de France Crash Photos

See aerial shots of the cyclists both before and after the sign caused the chain-reaction below.

Twitter via @cyclingreporter

As the first cyclist made impact with the cardboard sign, it caused the majority of cyclists behind him to also crash to the pavement below.

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The race came to a literal stop as the entire width of the roadway was encapsulated by the wreckage.

Twitter via @cyclingreporter

As the cyclists in the back of the pack were finally able to slow up before the crash, just about the entire field at the Tour de France can be seen laying upon the mass of wrecked bikes.

Twitter via @cyclingreporter

Tour de France Crash Video

Journalist and cycling enthusiast Daniel McMahon posted the video to Twitter via @cyclingreporter which you can view below.

See the street-view video of the crash posted to Twitter by @BleacherReport below.

It's sad to see that one fan, who clearly just wanted to be on television, ruin a race for so many of these cyclists. These people train all year long for the Tour de France and to think that one fan with a cardboard sign could ruin that is stomach-wrenching.

While no more serious injuries than a broken wrist were reported, I am sure this fan who caused the crash won't be showing her face at any more major cycling events in the future.

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