The Australian synchronized swim team injected the London 2012 Olympics with some good old fashioned rock when they performed to a medley of AC/DC songs that included ‘Thunderstruck’ and ‘Back in Black.’

While rock music may seem like an unlikely choice for synchronized swimmers, the Aussie team was pretty confident with their choice. “We wanted something classically Australian and with a very strong beat,’ team member Eloise Amberger told

She continued to explain their music choice, saying, “It was a joint idea of ours and our coaches. We were very proud and honored to be swimming to some Australian music. It was a gamble but we thought it was suitable. It’s very strong, it’s dynamic, it’s Aussie. It just helped us get into the groove.”

Unfortunately the team came in last on Friday (Aug. 11) during the synchronized swimming Free Routine Final but fans can watch video of the Australian team’s daring performance below.

Although rock music is not generally a popular choice for swim routines, the Canadian swim team opted for a mix of Metallica tunes last year during the Canadian Open Championships.

Watch the Australian Synchronized Swim Team Perform to an AC/DC Medley

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