TAMPA, Fla.--The Super Bowl was delayed for nearly five minutes after a streaker ran onto the field during the game.

According to the New York Post, the streaker was planted by the operators of an x-rated website. The streaker wore a one-piece neon pink mankini and black shorts that ran down as he ran. The streaker got all the way to the Tampa one-yard line before sliding down. He was then promptly arrested.

The streaker has not yet been named.

CBS switched camera shots to avoid showing the streaker on their telecast of the game. Thankfully for the people in the stadium, he did not strip or otherwise show his shortcomings.

Kevin Harlan and Kurt Warner, who broadcast the championship game on the Westwood One Radio Network, called the streakers run. It might have been the best play call during the game.



Another fan matched up one of the online videos of the streaker's run with Harlan's call, and it's sheer perfection.

No word if the suspect will serve hard time.


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