After a day of heavy downpours and flash flooding, Acadiana is drying out as floodwaters recede. Lafayette saw around seven inches of rain on Monday. Lake Charles received around 12.5 inches of rain. Other areas in southern Louisiana saw as much as 13 inches of rain.

More rain is expected in the region over the next two days. That rain could aggravate flooding issues along area roads and waterways, especially the Vermilion River. The Vermilion River crested at 14.5 feet overnight. The river's stage is slowly falling. However, water from drainage canals and coulees are forcing the river to run backwards. That backflow could cause flooding problems for some residents who live along the river in Lafayette and St. Martin Parishes.

So, what can we expect over the next few days, and will we see more flash flooding? KATC meteorologist and Good Morning Acadiana co-anchor Dave Baker joined Bernie and Ian to discuss what's next for Acadiana.

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