As the days tick on, more and more information becomes public concerning the Ashley Madison website hack. Some of it surprising, most of it not.

In case you're not certain as to what is, it's a website that helps married people cheat. The site's slogan is "Life's Short. Have An Affair". Recently some hackers got personal info from the site, and threatened to release it to the public unless the site came down. The website stayed open for business, so the hackers held true on their promise by releasing names of people signed up at

The recent data released has been compiled into a "Top 10" list of sorts, showing the 10 most adulterous cities according to the info on Not surprisingly, New Orleans makes the top 10, coming in at no. 7.

The city boasting the most adulterous relationships in the entire country is...Austin, Tx! That one did surprise me to be honest. I would have said Los Angeles, New York or maybe Dallas, but would have never thought of Austin. I pick the other cities not because of the quality of people I feel live there, but simply just for the size and population.

Here the top 10 "Most Adulterous" cities according to the leaked info on

10. Charlotte, North Carolina.
9. San Diego, California
8. Houston, Texas
7. New Orleans, Louisiana
6. Las Vegas, Nevada
5. Los Angeles, California
4. New York, New York
3. Boston, Massachusetts
2. Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
1. Austin, Texas




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