The COVID-19 pandemic has truly proven to American society that we absolutely undervalue our educators. The twitterfied (is that a word?) tales of frustrated parents attempting to home school even more frustrated students has become the fodder for late-night comedians and therapist across the country.

That's why it was so refreshing to hear about what some members of the Physical Education Department of Ascension Episcopal School are doing.

These educators are providing mobile P.E. classes at the homes of their students. The process usually starts with a honk of a horn and then an enthusiastic invitation to come outside via bullhorn. From there, the kids assemble on the yards, the teachers socially distance themselves on the sidewalks and the exercise begins.

Larry Sciambra, who has been a favorite human being of mine since my kids attended school at Ascension ten years ago explained to Andrew Clay of KATC how the idea came about.

I stole it from a PE coach in the northeast part of our country.

Regardless, of how the idea came about it gives kids a reason to get up from computer screens and telephones and get outside and move.

The mobile classes don't take very long. It's usually just a few sets of basic exercises and a lot of joking around and fun. Mainly, it's a way for these educators to let these kids and parents know they are still there for them. And for teachers and coaches like Larry Sciambra, there's a benefit too.

We really miss the kids. It sounds corny. But We miss the kids and it's great when we drive up and honk the horn and see them come out. Some of the kids know (we're coming,) for some it's a surprise. But it's great to have contact with them, even if it's through social distancing.

The AES crew began their mobile classes on Monday and they hope to visit with over 150 students while stopping at over 100 homes in the Acadiana area.


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