The state's office of Alcohol and Tobacco Control ruled in favor of Artmosphere Wednesday, ending months of controversy surrounding the popular restaurant and bar.

The result of the hearing, which was held at the Lafayette Consolidated Government building, means that the owner of Artmosphere, Berry Kemp, will no longer need to submit monthly sales reports to ATC until October. Kemp will have to reapply for her license in October.

Artmosphere, which operates under a restaurant license, must derive more than 50 percent of its sales from food. Less than that and the restaurant could be classified as a bar, which would require a different type of liquor license. Because of a moratorium on bars and nightclubs in the downtown area, Artmosphere could not apply for such a license.

Several onlookers crowded the theater of Lafayette City Hall; the hearing was conducted in Lafayette because of interest in the case.


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