A New Zealand woman is the proud owner of a brand new $50,000 BMW after an elaborate April Fools' Day joke!

The BMW Newmarket dealership in New Zealand posted an 'April Fools' Day Special' on the front page of the New Zealand Herald. The offer was peculiar in that it promised the first person to come in with their car and the newspaper ad, a new BMW.

Most people would immediately take that as some April Fools' Day joke, and ignore it. Tianna Marsh took her chances. She was the first person there at 5:30am, and brought in her 15-year-old Nissan Avenir.

Team McMillan sales manager Gavin Penfold met her outside.

Penfold said of when he met her, "I just acted dumb."

“She said ‘I’m here for the Herald competition.’ I said: ‘I know nothing about it,'” Penfold added. Marsh then asked to speak to “Tom” as the ad state to do, and she was then notified that she was the winner of a brand new car!

To prove that this whole thing wasn't an even more elaborate joke, the whole thing was recorded and uploaded to YouTube.

Marsh's car will be sold, and the funds will go to GoBabyGo, a charity that provides modified, ride-on cars to disabled children.

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