We’ve already gotten you pumped about finally watching Anthrax's Scott Ian as a zombie on AMC's The Walking Dead this Sunday (March 1). Now, we’ve got some more good news. The musician announced via Twitter that he’ll also appear on the after-show Talking Dead on Sunday night.

Ian’s appearance on The Walking Dead has been a longtime coming. Back in 2011, he was transformed into a zombie for the series but his cameo was featured on a webisode for the show rather than in primetime. This go-round, he's in the show. If you want to get yourself even more enthused about the Anthrax guitarist’s appearance, check out the video Nerdist posted last year that documented Ian’s transformation from human to walker here.

So, what is it with metal music and the horror genre? Why do fans of one tend to like the other? Ian had told Nerdist his thoughts, “They’ve always gone hand in hand. Metal guys are huge nerds. [Laughs] A good percentage of [them] are either horror or sci-fi or comic book or fantasy nerds. So, all of a sudden if you have some disposable income, you’re like, ‘Wow, I can actually buy that zombie head from that movie!’” Or in Ian’s case, actually turning into that zombie in a TV show.

Do you have more questions for Ian? Fans can submit their queries during Talking Dead. You can head over to their Facebook page, or Twitter page to submit a question anytime or head to their website or call 1-855-DEAD-LIVE beginning a half hour before the 10PM ET start time of the after-show.

Watch Scott Ian on The Walking Dead Sunday night (March 1) at 9PM ET on AMC and tune in to the after-show, Talking Dead, at 10PM ET.

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