And by ridiculous, I mean absolutely amazing.

There is apparently an all dog heavy metal band called The Bubbas. Of course, it's not REALLY the dogs playing, although the cuts to make it look like they are happen to be true to form for a metal video.

It IS however really the dog "singing" which is the best thing you'll see all day.

Here's their story as told via their owner from their debut song "Who Poo Poo'd In My House":

My dogs started a band while I was at work one day. They're called "The Bubbas".

Meet the band:

Frankus// Vocals

Kathy// Guitar

Hattee Lew// Bass

Goose// Drums

If you enjoy their debut track, it's available to download on iTunes, Googleplay, Amazon, and Spotify.

The Bubbas proudly uses JST plugins and Kiesel/Carvin guitars!

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All music written by The Bubbas.

Mixed and mastered at Study Sound Recordings.


Oh, and you can even email the band at I'm sure they'd love to hear from you.

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