This is one of the last photos that Saints fans wanted to see this week.

Imagine your star running back riding on the back of a trash truck in New Orleans. That's the photo that has Saints fans buzzing and many wondering: 'Why is Alvin Kamara on the back of a garbage truck??'

NFL players are definitely well-compensated, and although we know Alvin isn't your average "NFL baller" he's one of the last people you would see riding on the back of a trash truck.

The original photo was posted by New Orleans promoter/restauranteur Larry Morrow and according to a few exchanged tweets, we may see Alvin doing some blue-collar work in the offseason.

Only time will tell, but Alvin is focused and ready for a big NFC Championship game coming up against the Rams this Sunday.

Their season can be the first thing he puts in the trash can.

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