As Alter Bridge march toward the Oct. 8 release date for their upcoming disc ‘Fortress,’ the band has unveiled the first single ‘Addicted to Pain’ and are currently working on the video for the song with award winning director Dan Catullo.

Frontman Myles Kennedy and guitarist Mark Tremonti recently sat down with the Classic Rock Magazine Show to talk about the new disc. When asked about the album being “pretty angry most of the time” Kennedy admitted that he probably didn’t use the right word when he was quoted saying that, that perhaps "intensity" better described it. “A lot of the material initially was very intense so the lyric to go along with that and keep it congruent touches on subject matter like betrayal, quite often,” he explains. “That wasn’t so much an emotion I was feeling but I was seeing it with people around me in my life, things that were happened to people so I essentially chose to write about that.”

Kennedy and Tremonti were also asked about the benefits of working in multiple bands and musical endeavors and how that impacts Alter Bridge. Both felt that constantly working was nothing but positive for the Alter Bridge writing and recording process, “I think you learn from experience,” said Tremonti. “When you’re consistently working and writing your brain is always working and well-oiled. It’s just like practicing a sport or an instrument, when you’re constantly in it, it never goes away.” Kennedy agreed, adding, “Creative muscle is one that you don’t want to let fall into that atrophy phase. Mark and I love to work, we love to create.”

All in all Kennedy and Tremonti feel that they took some risks on ‘Fortress’ and experimented a lot more this time around with the arrangements of the songs. “During the process of taking chances it’s very risky because when you fall you fall hard,” Kennedy explained. “I think some of it was luck on this record, we allowed ourselves a very short window of time to arrange the record. As writers we’d been stockpiling ideas for the better part of a year but as far as the way we arranged the songs and the twists and turns we took we weren’t really sure how that was going to turn out. Fortunately we feel like we landed on our feet.”

If the first single ‘Addicted to Pain’ is any indication of what’s to come then Alter Bridge definitely landed on their feet. ‘Fortress’ is now available for pre-order through iTunes, Amazon and the band’s official website

Alter Bridge are scheduled to play their only show scheduled in the U.S. in 2013 on Oct. 4 a the House of Blues in Orlando, Fla.

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