One of my favorite holiday traditions is actually something we do with my wife's side of the family. You see, the lovely Ms. Alli is from Pineville, right next to Alexandria. Nearly every Christmas evening we take a family car ride over to family friends Jackie & Walter Monkhouse's place in Alexandria to check out their Christmas lights.

You will see below what makes the Monkhouse residence so special. Jackie and Walter have been decorating their yard for years and it keeps getting better and better.

When you visit, you can either ride by in your car and tune in to the radio frequency that is musically synched up to the light show or you can park and get down and chat with this lovable couple.

The Monkhouses really love Christmas and sharing the spirit with everyone. They love it so much that their display keeps getting bigger and more advanced each year. They have been featured on HGTV in the past and tonight they'll make another national television appearance.

You've probably seen the ABC show "The Great Christmas Lights Fights", where Christmas lights-crazed families square off to see who has the most insanely awesome display. Well, Jackie and Dave will be featured on that show's finale tonight.

While I can't divulge how the Monkhouses do, I can show you videos that are a bit of an appetizer to what you will see tonight. The show will air at 7pm on KATC TV-3.

And the next time you're in Alexandria, visit the Monkhouses and see their amazing Christmas lights! (By the way, their address is 5201 Argonne Blvd in Alexandria and their website is