I felt I had to share this amazing story because I am a graduate of Abbeville High School. The school received their new state performance score this week. Before, Abbeville High had a state score of D. When they received their new score this week, they jumped from a D to a B.

AHS is the only school in Vermilion Parish to jump two whole grades. In addition to that, they were also only eight points away from scoring an A. Ivy Landry, principal of Abbeville High School, got the news on Monday morning, but didn't tell the students until that afternoon around 1PM.

Landry told VermilionToday.com: “I was pleasantly surprised,” said Landry. “But I did not know until I saw the state scores. When I saw an 111.9, I got emotional. The students and teachers have put in a lot of work. When you put in a lot of work, you hope to see success. When I saw that success, it felt like winning the state championship.”

Last year, AHS had a school performance score of 81.5, which was a D-plus. So, in a way to boost confidence, principal Landry and band director Tim Farnsworth made a bet to wear a red dress to work. Here is a interview I had with Principal Landry:

Congratulations to the students and faculty of Abbeville High School and GO WILDCATS!

Here's Tai with Principal Landry!

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