Riding on I-10 east or west through Southwest Louisiana near Jennings, you can't help but notice the waterpark off to the side as you pass. The giant slides peeking out over the grass and trees as we just wish it was open during the hot summer days.

YouTube, Unknown Ventures

Work began on the park roughly back in 2008, from what I can find, and was originally scheduled to open in the summer of 2010. It boasted a 900 foot long lazy river, over 10 slides, a kids area, adult pool, a wave pool, food vendors, and even a hotel was eventually planned to be placed in the area. The park sits on 100 acres, with the water park features spread out across 25 of those acres.

I decided to dig around on the Pirates Cove Water Park Facebook page to refresh myself on the last interaction they had. It seemed even as far back as 2017, the park was having issues with permitting and approval from various departments in the city and state. The author of the page had no problems letting their followers know exactly the brick walls they kept hitting each and every time. It seemed that each time there was a glimpse of light at the end of the tunnel, someone would blow out the flame on them to start over again. Their last post to their page was that they were finally ready to accept applications for employees on June 7, 2019. That was the last anyone has every heard from the park.

YouTube, Unknown Ventures

Now, here we are in 2021 after hurricanes, floods, and ice storms. The park is still there, but no one has really seen inside of it. The mystery has remained until YouTubers known as Unknown Ventures made their way in to the park. They were traveling through Louisiana and made a stop at the park. Obviously they have no idea the back story on the park. They call it abandoned and "out of service", little do they know it was sadly never in service. They take a tour around the inside of the park and video as they go with some epic drone footage and inside various buildings inside the waterpark. It really is amazing and sad to see the hard work that was put into the park only for it to never come to fruition.

YouTube, Unknown Ventures

Take a look at the video and get a peak into the waterpark we have never seen the inside of, but hope one day we might.

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