As far as I know, Aaron Rodgers never had a southern accent...until now?

It's not a heavy over the top drawl or anything, but it's certainly noticeable. Where did this come from?

Rodgers grew up in California where southern accents aren't really a thing. Here's what it could have been...

Midway through the second quarter, it didn't look good for the Packers as Aaron Rodgers went down with a knee injury. He was carted off the field with tears in his eyes.

That didn't stop him from coming back out after half-time and put on a career defining performance to give the Packers the W after coming back from a 17 point deficit.

[From here on out this is just pure fun, so please don't take offense or think I'm accusing Aaron Rodgers of doing drugs] Now, take into account that they must have given him some good drugs in the locker room. His knee felt better, and so did his soul. Look at how giddy he is in the post-game interview! Not only that, but he adopted a strange southern accent!

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