There is really no situation where a 911 operator missing a call is justified, but this is especially stupid.

While a man at an eye doctor's office was getting an eye exam, he started having a seizure, so one of the employees called 911. The 911 operator didn't answer the call because she was on the phone with a pizza place, ordering lunch for her and many co-workers. It took eight minutes for her to end her pizza order, so she's really lucky the man didn't die while they were waiting.

There are a couple of stupid things in this story. First, how could this lady not know that someone was calling? The phone rings when someone is calling, and it flashes on her computer screen, so obviously the thought of pizza made her forget that she had an important job. Also, how can there be only one 911 operator for this area? You'd think that there would be teams of 911 operators, since it's kind of important. And finally, why did it take her eight minutes to order a freakin' pizza?

The operator only got a letter of reprimand for this, so she should consider herself lucky because she should've been fired.

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