Some of the locals call it "King Cone."

That's the nickname that gave to the 8-foot traffic cone that is currently located at the corner of Washington Avenue and Constance Street in New Orleans' Irish Channel.

When it comes to the road conditions in New Orleans, I think it's safe to say that their reputation definitely proceeds them as the city lays claim to some of the wildest potholes I've ever experienced in my life.

I know that black and gold are the colors you might think of when it comes to NOLA, but orange and white may be the most common color combination you see when you ride around the city due to the traffic cones that seem to hold a permanent residence on the city streets.

While these traffic cones are a regular sight in NOLA, the giant cone currently has New Orleans locals buzzing. How did it get there? Who decided to put it in that location? Who does it even belong to?

The 8-foot cone covers a huge pothole that is reportedly so wide that cars traveling in either direction have to swerve to avoid it. But even though "King Cone" is stamped with a Sewage & Water Board label, SW&B says they have no clue where it came from.

According to, the director of communications for the New Orleans Sewage & Water Board Courtney T. Barnes says she's aware of three (regular) cones at the intersection but not the 8-foot variety.

There is currently no open Sewerage and Water Board work order at the corner of the Washington Ave. and Constance Streets. In this instance, we received a call from a concerned customer for a depression in the street and according to the inspector notes, ‘three cones were left for protection.’ That is why you see SWBNO-branded cones.

Basically, that boils down to seven words that tell us everything we need to know.

We do not own the giant cone.

I'm not even sure if the mega cone is still there but where it originated from still remains a mystery.

If you're in NOLA soon, let me know if you run across the mighty 'King Cone.'

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