Just hours after LSU said it was hoping to avoid kicking students out who did not comply with the university's COVID entry protocol, the school say it has begun unenrolling several students who refused to comply.

According to an LSU spokesperson, 78 students received notices on Wednesday evening that said they were being "resigned" from the university and given a 50% refund.

The students do still have a chance to stay enrolled, however. The emails added that students have until September 17 at 4:00 pm to complete registration to be re-admitted to their courses.

Here is how the email read:

This email is to notify you that you have been resigned from Louisiana State University and provided a 50% refund due to failure to comply with LSU’s Entry Test Verification procedures.

As a student, you were sent numerous notifications regarding the Entry Test Requirement and reminders to comply. Should you want to re-enroll at the university, you must complete the Entry Test Verification Survey. You will then need to email the Office of Academic Affairs at academicaffairs@lsu.edu stating your desire to be reinstated and added back to your courses.

The deadline to be re-added and to complete registration is THIS FRIDAY, September 17th at 4:00 pm, CST.

As you may recall, before the fall semester, LSU made the decision to require students to either show proof of vaccination or submit proof of a negative COVID test.

The deadline for students to complete the online entry process was originally set for September 10. That process included notifying the university of their vaccination status and submitting proof of a recent COVID test.

Leading up to that deadline, LSU warned students who did not report their status that they would be "unenrolled from LSU and receive a prorated tuition refund."

On the day of the deadline, LSU reported that about 1,000 students had not met those requirements. By Wednesday afternoon, LSU President Dr. William Tate IV said that number was down to about 400.

The school had been working diligently trying to contact those remaining students to comply.

"We had 400 still not in compliance, but have been calling those students to get them in compliance. The goal isn't to expel but to get students to comply," said Tate.

LSU added that 80% of on-campus students and 70% of faculty and staff have shown proof of getting at least the first shot of the vaccine.

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