Avondale, La Woman L. Melacetti has come forth sating between 1964 and 1972 she raised a baby Bigfoot deep in the swamp.

Melacetti says she has proof of her claim complete with has physical evidence, including pictures and a personal diary that she says she'll release at a later date. L. Melacetti says she found the animal, which was just a “tiny” 20 lb. hairless baby at the time, in 1964 in the swamps of Louisiana.

“He was so little, so cute. I had to do something about it. He was so defenseless, laying next to the mud and water, curled, crying like a baby, his parents were either dead or they had abandoned him,”

“He accepted me as a friend right away. I took him home only for three nights to nurse him back to health.”

After releasing the animal back into the wilderness, it kept coming back to Melacetti’s small house. “So, every time he came back, usually during evening, when most people weren’t around, I’d give him more food.”

She says that if you really want to try and catch a Bigfoot, tomatoes are their favorite food.

No word on a date in which she plans to release pictures and her journal, but I'll keep an eye out for you.

You can read more of her story HERE



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