A Utah couple is defending a video they posted of their 6-month old son.

The viral video shows their six-month-old son waterskiing while dad rides alongside. The video was shot at Lake Powell and according to father Casey Humphreys, the boat was only going "about five miles per hour" and his son, Rich, was never in harm's way.

We had a separate boat out there, probably roughly 10 to 12 people involved total.

After posting the video of baby Rich waterskiing the backlash was almost immediate, with people criticizing the Humphreys as "cruel" and "irresponsible."

Rich's mother Mindi says they checked all the boxes for safety before putting her son on the water.

So we talked to his pediatrician. He was super impressed by how far along Rich is and he's really well developed for his age. He said it's fine and to not worry about it.

In addition to being seemingly greenlighted by Rich's pediatrician, the Humphreys claim that six-month-old Rich is enrolled in swim lessons and has already practiced on dry land using a custom board before they brought him out for his first ski on the lake.

While there was a lot of backlash, others did praise the Humphreys for being adventurous with their son.

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