These five car hacks might just blow your mind.

  • The first is a way to clean the air vents in the hard to reach areas using a tiny foam paint brush.
  • The second is a way to possibly renew your seatbelt's retract if it's gone a bit limp.
  • The third is a phone holder made out of a rubberband, so you can use Google Maps free of hands.
  • The fourth is a makeshift cup holder using just a roll of duct tape. No you don't have to stick the tape to anything.
  • The fifth is a way to get the moisture out of your car so your window doesn't fog up from the inside. Just use kitty litter crystals.

An extra little hack that's thrown in is when he's pouring the kitty litter into his sock, he uses a roll of tape to hold fold the sock around which holds it open.

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