Men who are born and raised in Acadiana are very different from other men around the rest of the country. We're Cajun, and I don't need to tell you what that's all about. However, for women not from Cajun Country, a little explanation showing them what they're missing could be beneficial. So, here are the "5 Reasons To Marry A Cajun Man"!


OK, admittedly we can be a hot mess. But when you find a good Cajun man there's nothing better right? And as we all know, when you find that good Cajun man, there's always a good Cajun woman who helped make him that way.

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    Don't like spending all of your time in the kitchen working over a hot stove? Don't worry your pretty little face about it. Cooking for you is exactly what we want to do. As a matter of fact, it's what we think about doing when we wake up. Not only do we want to do the cooking, but we do it well. We get it from our mom an dem. Oh, and we even come complete with our own cookware.

  • Photo by Mario Tama/Getty Images
    Photo by Mario Tama/Getty Images


    Do you always find yourself wishing your man would dance with you? Well, if you land yourself a Cajun, you'd better get your dancing shoes dusted off. We love to dance, and it doesn't matter where or who's watching. Wedding reception, night club, grocery doesn't matter to us. We even have our own unique way of doing it. If we really like you, we'll teach you.

  • Les Cunliffe/ThinkStock
    Les Cunliffe/ThinkStock


    When you marry a Cajun man, you can forget about having to make a "Honey Do List". If something needs fixing, we got that. I mean, like before you even notice something needs fixing we've already noticed it and are on our way with our tools to take care it. We even figure out how to fix things we have no business trying to fix. Cajun men are extremely resourceful that way. The only problem here is, we'll also fix our neighbor's porch, our buddy's trolling motor, our cousin's shrimp nets, our Parrain's blender and so on...You'll have to tell us to stop and come home.

  • William Widmer New York Times
    William Widmer New York Times


    You won't find a Cajun man moping around complaining about things. It's not that we aren't serious, we just don't see the need to let things drag us down. We're extremely resilient in pretty much every way. Cajuns don't wait for other people to fix our problems, whatever they may be. We figure it out, put some dirt on it and move on. Why would we want to be all mopey and boude when there's cold beer to be had?

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    People say that if you want to know how a man is going to treat you, watch how they treat their Mother. Well, inside of 5 minutes of seeing us around our moms, you'll want to run off to Vegas on a red eye flight to get hitched immediately. Our worlds revolve around our mothers and will revolve around you as well. We're mama's boys and damn proud of it. Don't get worried, though, it's not a creepy Norman Bates thing. She's the woman who gave us life and taught us how to make a roux, and we'll always be eternally grateful for this and so much more. The same rules also apply to our grandmother. Also, be warned, your own mother may like us more than you.

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