I hear the following statement all the time: "Why doesn't Lafayette have a _________?"

Now, let's give our fair town some credit. We have grown quite trememdously over the last several years. There are a lot more places to shop, eat and pass a good time.

But, as a growing town, many of us would like to see even more cool businesses opening.

We did a little "crowd-sourcing" and asked you guys what businesses that aren't currently here you'd like to see make their way to the Hub City. Here are the top five.

  • 1

    P.F. Chang's

    Scott Olson, Getty Images

    Residents of the Hub City have been teased for so long that the arrival of a P.F. Chang's in Lafayette has become a running joke. But it's no laughing matter to a lot of us! Fair citizens of the area have been clamoring for a bite of some delicious Chinese and Asian cuisine.

    A fun fact about this restaurant chain. The "P.F." stands for Paul Fleming, a native of New Iberia! In 1993, he and his business partner Philip Chiang, the “Chang” in P.F. Chang’s, opened up the very first P.F. Chang’s Scottsdale, Arizona.

  • 2

    Water or Amusement Park

    Blue Bayou Dixie Landin'

    This is a generic kind of request from lots of us but I don't think anyone cares which brand comes to town. So, are you listening Blue Bayou, Six Flags, Schlitterbahn, et al? Personally, I'd settle for a water park first. Our summers are so brutally hot and humid that this would be the perfect remedy.

  • 3

    Dave & Buster's

    Mark Davis, Getty Images for Dave & Buster's

    For those who've never been to Dave & Buster's, it's kind of like a Chuck E. Cheese's for adults. The food is pretty solid and the play area is actually a good time for both adults and kids alike. It's a win for everyone. New Orleans is actually about to get a Dave & Buster's on Poydras. Is Lafayette far behind?

  • 4

    Trader Joe's

    Joe Raedle, Getty Images

    I don't know a whole lot about Trader Joe's. I went to one a few years ago while in Nashville. I can tell you that patrons of the store are fiercely loyal. Trader Joe's, in case you don't know, is a California-based grocery store chain with 461 stores in 41 states. The nearest one is in Baton Rouge on Perkins Rd in the Acadian Village Shopping Center.

  • 5


    Top Golf

    I went to a TopGolf in Houston and I was instantly hooked! I'm not even that much a golfer. TopGolf is sort of a driving range but really more of an entertainment complex. You can hit some golf balls, have some grub, drink some beer and kinda cut up with your buddies. There are only 34 locations right now in the United States (none in Louisiana), but due its growing popularity, one would think more are coming soon.