Kardell Thomas attends Baton Rouge's Southern University Lab School, and he is a BEAST!

If you've ever watched a track meet, either in person or on the TV screen, one of the most exciting is the 4x100 relay race. That's where, typically, four rather slender people run 100 yards each, and they pass the baton off for the next person to start running.

The "anchor" is the final person for a team in the race. This position is generally given to the fastest or most experienced person on the team.

As I mentioned before, track runners are typically slender people. Sometimes, though, we get to witness a 6'4 328 pound beast of a man tear the track up! That's what happens in the video below.

Thomas is only a sophomore! He's also a great football player, too. He’s a 4-star recruit who has verbally committed to LSU, also receiving offers from Alabama, Florida State, and Georgia.

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