If you got your hands on one of those "I Voted" stickers during the 2016 Louisiana election, you may want to hold onto it.

It seems as if the stickers—decorated with the late George Rodrigue's iconic blue dog—are selling on eBay for as much as $100. Of course, that is what some stickers are selling for, but what's really impressive is under completed listings the stickers are selling for an average price of $10-$15.

Not bad, considering they were free with our vote, right?

I must point out that the stickers that are selling on eBay are stickers that haven't been peeled from the paper backing. Most of us proudly sported our stickers on our clothing, so don't count on making any extra money unless you've got one in mint condition.

Based on what I saw from most other states, Louisiana definitely had the coolest "I Voted" stickers amongst other states that I saw on social media, and it doesn't hurt that Rodrigue's blue dog is such a popular collectible item.

Did you keep your sticker? Will you be selling it or will you save it to remember this historic election?

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