Time is one of the most unexplained phenomena on the planet. It’s something we are all aware of but the more we try to define it, the more elusive that definition seems to become. So, maybe we shouldn’t worry so much about what time is and think more about what time does.  

We know the sands of time can rub the roughest rocks smooth to the touch. We know the winds of time will sculpt the trees and landscape that we roam. The rivers of time can carve mighty canyons in the driest of deserts. And, the wisdom of time can be one of the greatest gifts we will ever receive.  

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Among the great gift-givers of that wisdom are our elders. For most of us, we call them grandparents. Sunday, September 12th is grandparents' day. I guess a greeting card company needed another reason to sell a few cards. But while we might set aside one day out of the year to especially recognize the parents of our parents, it’s their wisdom, knowledge, grace, and experience that shapes “us” every day.  

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We asked you through our social media pages “what life lessons did you learn from your grandparents?” The responses were sometimes whimsical, often thought-provoking, and in some cases better than sitting for three hours listening to a therapist.  

Here are some of our favorite responses. They run the gamut from quite funny to quite honest to quite endearing. If you haven’t called or visited your grandparents this weekend, I hope you will. They are treasures on Earth and they won’t be available in our physical world forever. I guess that it’s a great thing the Higher Power gave them the wherewithal to transcend the definition of time and live forever within us.  

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